September 10, 2007

In View

I bought 100 watt light bulbs today, which have made a huge improvement on the lighting situation in my apartment. The floor lamp that is meant to provide visible light for the majority of the volume came with the lowest wattage possible in a standard size bulb. I tried to find out exactly how many watts its taunting dimness emanated from, however it was completely blank, no brand no nothing.

Make fun of me if you will, but I’m going vegan this week. I’ve wanted to try it out for a couple months there but haven’t had a quasi acceptable span on time where I could feed myself the appropriate plant based only food products. Originally I was planning on going for a month like an old housemate of mine (in fairness he did it annually during February since it’s the shortest months) but I thought that might be too long for a first time veg-O like myself. I’m starting today since I finished my yoghurt yesterday – I had to wait until the dairy products were used up in my fridge. I bought a crapload of veggies and other vegan delicacies such as hummus and its been ok for today. I’m thinking within a couple days I’m going to be going crazy for some cheese. At least its not like I was a meat eater, so its only one food group being eliminated.

I went to the McGill bookstore and semi picked out the McGill hoodie that I will wear for days on end this winter. I didn’t buy yet because there were huge line ups b/c all the undergrads are still buying their text books. How I don’t miss those days. I picked the gray hoodie with the red embroidered letters. You may think grey is boring but it was incredibly soft and the other colours weren’t much more exciting. Black and navy blue are boring (and I couldn’t cheat on my U of T hoodie with another navy one for a school whose colours don’t even include blue – go Varsity Blues!*). Anyway, I think it’s a decent grey, very academic.

Ooh! And I should be in Toronto near the end of Toronto, so if you’re one of my friends who still lives in Toronto you might be seeing me on your couch. I was accepted to the Algonquian conference at York. Yes, I know, York, where the subway tunnel dare not approach, but I think the buses still go there. Its not like I’m getting an art degree (because I have no ability to do so) just going to the mall school** for a little conferencing.

Yes I did change my profile picture. It got a little distorted in shrinking à la blogger which gave me a little of the crazy eyes.

*No one goes to U of T for sports.
**As a U of T-er I am constitutionally required to bash York at every opportunity. Its surprising the reactions you get for bad mouthing York (which will accept you if you can use a fork) when not at U of T, a huge contrast to the “Ye-ah” you get on the St. George campus.

Also UTM and UTSC are not real U of T. This is also required from me, coming from downtown.


Dinah said...

I just posted and it erased it. Boo.

I'm looking at UofA hoodies. It was cold today and I wished I bought one when I bought my books. I'll probably get one soon.

Good luck with being vegan.

Frances Marie said...

You're going to be in Toronto near the end of Toronto? That sounds tricky...