November 18, 2007

Shot through the heart

I wish I had something exciting to write about, but that is not the case. My life is pretty much doing school and freaking out about how much school work I have to do. Let's see, I have a final Semantics homework (guaranteed to take at least 20 hours to do, and no, I'm not exaggerating), final Phonology assignment (ooh, Mexican Spanish), a Syntax presentation, and then a paper write up of the Syntax presentation. I also have a big paper to write for my "guided study" course, which I have beent hinking about but nothing is actually written yet. There's a conference I'm presenting at on December 7th, and I haven't looked at the material for that in a while. Its a new paper, but its a works in progress type conference, and hopefully it will go alright. So that's the school front, one of the only fronts I have going on right now.

Seems that I'm getting out a little more often than I used to. Last weekend I went to a house warming party, and then we went to the Village (that's right, you know what the Village is) and hung out there. There was this drag queen sitting outside this one bar with this super huge ridiculous cardboard hat-type thing. I don't even know what it was, other than interesting (*shifty eyes*). Yesterday there was a talk in the Linguistics department, which is traditionally followed by a wine and cheese, at which I ate a lot of cheese. There was this really good dry parmesan-y cheese, and the wine wasn't too dry. But we went out to the movies after and I saw the Assassination of Jesse James. It was a good movie, but two important words come to mind: Hot Men. Namely Brad Pitt and Casey Affleck (there were a few others as well) who I didn't know about before, but he's better looking and a better actor than his brother Ben. We went to a Portuguese bistro after, really good.

Hmmm, this is all so fluffy. Something deep, something deep.........
Nope. Just fluff.

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Dinah said...

you ate a lot of cheese? I am shocked.

yay for hotness!