July 07, 2008

Mozart Balls

Here are some random pictures, that I´m finally able to upload. I can´t see what they are, so I´m putting up arbitrary ones chosen from my camera´s memory card.




So I´m in Austria, and everyone thinks I speak german, I guess that´s the germanic look about me. And not just people in stores, randos coming up to me on the street start spouting in German, looking directly at me and not at either of my friends. To keep life interesting, I have now almost completely lost my voice. No, I have not been screaming or shoving forks into my vocal chords, its just a cold Meghan was so kind to share with me. We´ve been telling Roz she´s next. It was really hard today in the shops, sometimes I opened my mouth and nothing came out. Sometimes weird, terrible squeaky noises. Not only can I not speak German, I can´t speak anything. Oh well.


Frances Marie said...

If you didn't always where that shirt that says, "My last name is LOCHBIHLER" then maybe people wouldn't assume that you speak German.

I crack myself up!!

madzina said...

Get better soon, Beth!!!
The pictures are awesome! Especially the amphitheatre...so much amazing history.

Dinah said...

I keep coming back to see the pictures and read about your trip...I hope you're having an amazing time.