November 05, 2008

"History in the making"

We were watching the election coverage and thought that it would be the perfect environment for a drinking game. Some phrases invoking shots would be "hope", "future", "change", "bless", and the number one inebriation inducing utterance, "history in the making" (and perhaps shortly after the results, "history made"). Its all so very cliche in the reporting, and Peter Mansbridge had quite a few flubs on CBC this evening. He said something to the effect of "and that's another point in Barak's O'column, sorry, Obama's column." I thought it was funny. Also there was this old reporter man in Washington DC saying (paraphrased, except for key phrase) "Students are gathering outside the Whitehouse for a demonstration, they have gotten on the text-messaging machines to inform one another of the event..." We couldn't stop laughing at that one.

Jokes aside, I am so happy that Obama won. Maybe McCain is not the worst guy ever (clearly better than Bush, because to be worse would literally be breaking world records -- the Bush approval rating is now 20%, and they already reported it as a record low when it was 35%), but you want to vote for the BEST man for the job, which was so not McCain. And Palin is scary. And pretty stupid. So now she can go back to Alaska and gaze at Russia through her bay windows and deal will all those people who are suing her.

Now we have to wait for Obama to get the troops out of Iraq and invest in their own country. There was a lot of "America is the best place in the universe" stuff during the acceptance and conceeding (conceedence?) speeches, which is hella annoying, but I think the States will be less and less hated now, and get back to their status in the Clinton years. Whether that's impressive or not doesn't matter, Bush is a mass murderer and really there's nothing worse for a reputation. (and yes, that is honestly what I think of Bush).

A final piece of election reporting, I'd like to give a shout-out to a few "battleground" states. My props to Ohio, Virginia and Florida. Good on ya for not getting duped for 3 elections in a row. Specifically you, Florida. I guess with Jeb having lost his foothold, the cheating has been less rampant.

So I watched the most recent episode of the Office last week (yes, I watch it regularly now), and I couldn't help but notice that they're huge stealer copy cats, specifcally from 30 rock. Dwight walks in wearing a Cornell sweatshirt, which bunches up Andy's underwear who declares that only true Cornell men can wear such sacred sweatshirts. They battle and Andy even pretends to be a beet farmer (something that Dwight is, to my understanding) and things escalate. Now hold up, am I have a weird Matrix glich moment of deja vu? No, no I am not. I saw this last season on 30 rock. Frank comes into the writer's room one day wearing Harvard paraphanalia and Toofer freaks out, as the representative Harvard man. Eventually, Toofer starts dressing up like Frank, i.e. with baseball caps with catch phrases and ill fitting t-shirts and jeans. Thus, escalation. Direct carbon copy. In the same episode of the Office, Holly gets transferred faraway, and so her fledgling relationship with Michael is put in Jeopardy. They make plans to meet geographically between their two locations, but are disappointed to find there is nothing there but a creek. They then break up because the distance is just too hard (*sniff*). Oh wait a second! This already happened, on 30 ROCK! A full 2 episodes before the Harvard incident. Total ripoff.

I want you all to keep an eye out for primetime shows that leech directly off other main stream media and think no one will notice. I know there's a lot more of it out there, and I'm not pointing out anything original, but 30 Rock is sacred in not yet cancelled good tv. You just don't mess with that.


Lisa said...

hey, here in the netherlands they started showing Gilmore Girls season 1 every day (I've really only seen the last 2 seasons so every episode is like, "whoa!" to me). I think of you every time it's on.

Beth said...

Lol, nice to be thought of in connection to my love/hate. Actually, I think the first season is probably my favourite, its unassuming and Rory hasn't quite turned into a selfish snob yet. And Dean (I take these word's from Lorelai) is so dreamy.

If you've seen the last two seasons, then the election last night is of interest (b/c if there's no connection to GG, interest points plummet in the general public). In the last (or 2nd last?) episode Rory gets a job working for an online magazine following Obama. Looks like she just might make it through the economic crisis with a job still in tact.