June 26, 2006

It is not the spoon that bends, but only yourself...

Hey there sports fans! (for all of you who can't remember the 1980's, that's a Care Bears reference)

So here it is, my brand new blog, I finally gave in. However, this does not mean that my blog will be any good. I'm not certain what kind of direction it will take -- funny, contemplative, life update. I'll try to not overload on the prosetry since that's fairly annoying to read on the web.

If you're puzzled by the Blog title, take a look at Revelation 3:7-13, but I reveal no more of its significance than that. Aight.

1 comment:

Dinah said...

NO WAY! I just clicked on the link, not really thinking about it, and suddenly I'm here!

You're awesome. And I can't wait to read about you.

Yay! I get to be the first poster. Whee!