June 29, 2006

Yeah, if you could go ahead and do the TPS reports, yeah.

Nananananananana… PENSIONS!
Crash! POW! WhAm! SocK!
Nananananananana… PENSIONS!

I work for a pension plan company. Please let me explain to you how every day is riveting. I get in at 8:30am where I, wait for it, wait for it, process applications! Hooray! And whenever I tell people this they always say, “What does that mean?” People! If I had a better descriptive explanation, I would give it to you, or do you think I’m holding out just for fun. I get pieces of paper in folders where I proceed to put the information on the piece of paper into the computer. I couldn’t tell you more than that. Its not that I don’t have time or anything, I really feel that I cannot tell you anything more.

Just like any office (please, no one should go without seeing Office Space) I’ve got the bluish-grey cubicles, the filing cabinets, they inexplicably chipper people. Oh, but what gets me the most – oh joy! – is unfunny people who have pipe dreams of hilarity.

Jones: “Hey Sputnik, did you finish that file?”
Sputnik: “No, the client forgot to fill in the date!”
Jones & Sputnik: “Geharr harrr, chuckle, spew…”


At least its air conditioned and they don’t monitor your phone calls. Go team pensions.


Dinah said...

You work in a cubicle? That is so cool.

I...don't get the joke. People forget to fill in the date all the time. True things can be funny, but being true doesn't make them funny. People suck.

Rachel said...

Woot! I have the golden ticket! AKA the url to Bethel's blog. I urge you to be the person who has the most random crap in their cubicle. And the must have "hang in there" poster with that cat falling off a branch and just barely holding on. You know the one.

miss you!

sue said...

i agree the golden ticket! heehee.

i agree with the amazing rachel -- random crap for the cubicle is vERy important. i have a couple of cubicle hangings from mY corporate cube time -- i will pass them onto you at the next LR.

love to you lady.