August 26, 2007

Dans la belle province

Bonjour mes amis, je suis dans Montréal mainment, seule. So you’d all better comment. This coming week I have the Linguistics department meet and greet, course/program registration and ID card getting. It’s fairly depressing. I don’t have any friends, I have to go make them, but that will take a long time. And I don’t have any roommates this year so that makes it harder, I’m not sure living alone is something I should be attempting. I should be excited, but I’m too tired and worn out from the move, and of course I have become hopelessly nostalgic about years gone by and all the people I used to know. I’ll be ok, maybe after I get a few days of rest.

Its been a while since we sat over some black tea and had a chat, so I’ll catch you up. I left Ottawa at the beginning of August and went to Port Hope and attending a wedding party. Then I went with a couple other friends for 4 days into eastern Algonquin and canoed up a storm. I like going to the middle of nowhere once in a while, it makes you think about things in a different way, remember that civilization ridden life isn’t all that goes on the world, and its definitely not how it always was. So that was good, then I went home to the Sound. This involved much sleeping and reverting back to a useless sloth who can’t make her own food or bed.

I was at home for a week and a half, I think, and I saw some friends, went to the beach a few times and watched the sunset. That’s one thing I will always love about my home town, in highschool we would go to the beach in the evening and watch the sunset and play Frisbee. Then we’d get ice-cream and do it all again the next day. I missed that so it was great to go back and see it all again. This past week I was at our family cottage which involved more sleeping and a lot of reading. I’m over 700 pages into War and Peace, I’m hoping to knock off a few hundred more before classes start otherwise I won’t finish it till June. There’s only like 600 pages to go.

And now I’m here in Quebec, unable to speech French because I became so tired from moving and then arranging all my crap that the second language section part of my brain has been unable to boot up properly. I go out and wander about the streets in a daze, I don’t know what people think of me. Its not like I haven’t been resting excessively (because I have) its just that the past few days were a little more exhausting than average.

Enough about current events, I should tell you something interesting, the only question is what…. Yeah, I have no idea.

I don’t have internet in my apartment, but there’s lots of wireless café’s so you may hear from me soon, that is, if you want to.


Dinah said...

I am so excited for you, I know that you will meet people soon and things will settle down.

I move on Tuesday, and I'm so excited and nervous and scared that I actually feel a little sick. But a good sick.

sue said...

dear bethany!

moving is difficult! (i am contemplating a move myself, and lisa ljevaja just mOVED to the NYC -- these things are on my mind)

regardless, in time all will be well. i'd go out for tea with you if i were there!!