September 18, 2008

I'm a little tired right now. I've started TAing an intro linguistics class this semester, and it makes me get up earlier on Thursdays than I do on most of the other days of the week. I'm not convinced that I'm a good teacher as of yet, I don't have the intuition for it. I go over the problem sets thoroughly, try to make sure everyone understands, but I don't get a ton of questions or dissent. That might be more interesting. I'm trying to keep in mind what it was like for me as a student back in the day (i.e. 2 years ago) and the things you always sit there thinking about the TA, like, "why do they always do this?", "Do they realize that they got a chalk line across their butt when they leaned against the board?" and "could she have any worse of a lisp?" Now I don't have a lisp, and have been able to use my fluent English in the class, but I have been talking ridiculously fast. I guess it must be because I'm nervous, and I try to slow myself down, but that only takes me from really fast to slightly less really fast. I'm hoping as time goes on I'll get the hang of this teaching thing. Its not terrible now, the kids aren't mean or rude or anything like that, some of them are kind of sweet at always say "bye" at the end of the conference. But most of them are so little, as little as my little brother. I shouldn't say to much about this, b/c this was me, 6 years ago. I was also 17 when I started university, so they're no younger than I was. But they were born in 1990. Shiver.

Other things, interesting things, some-things..... hmm.

So, things happen, sometimes I witness them. Sometimes I even participate in them. Often I walk to school. After about 25 minutes of this type of walking, I usually arrive at the Linguistics building, get out my keys and enter my office. I check my email fanatically. Seriously, send me something, its like a beautiful, wonderful, otherworldly drug. Other times I read. Articles, computer screen, emails. My eyes, they are dying in the reading. The tiny letters, the big letters, the 100 time photocopied letters, the symbols among the letters, the diagrams and useless ramble within the letters. My eyes, oh gosh my eyes. They are dissolving down into little pools of bluish gray pixie dust. Out over my lids, onto my cheeks, like tears, but not tears. More like pollutant sludge, leaving a vacant, colourless hole where my eyes used to be.
Too much?

Continuation of the Gilmore Girls discussion. I actually like Jess. I know, he doesn't always do right by Rory or Luke, but he's one of those rough exterior-heart of gold types, who is secretly a genius. My major qualm with Jess is that he appears very short on the show. I looked up Milo on imdb and he's listed as 5 foot 9, so I am taller than he is, but only by a little bit. And yes, Paris deserves her recognition. She's crazy insane and intense, but sometimes you feel sorry for her. Her parents don't seem to care about her, so we can't blame her for too much of her lack of socialization. Also I feel the need to defend her since my lovely friends (sarcastic tone inserted) decided that if I were any GG's character, I would be Paris. I'll try to construe it in my mind somehow to make it a compliment, but my hair is curly, and I am waaaay taller than Paris is. Just so you know that we're no so similar.

I've been watching Project Runway, and I'm a little confused. The whole goal of PR is to get to Bryant Park at the end of show and do the whole official runway show. It was my understanding that the fashion week shenanigans occur in February, or some such wintry month, but this season started in July, and the final show has already happened (although not aired). Maybe its a different, summer/fall fashion week. At first I thought Kenley was cute, but now she's just crazy psycho attitude teenager type. I think Leanne will win.

As a guilty pleasure I've also been watching the new "cycle" of ANTM. I hate this show more and more every second I watch it. Tyra is so ridiculous and retarded. I can't even tell you how much she annoys me. Acts like the freaking guru of all things fashion and worthwhile in life.

Tired still. Peanut butter? No, that was yesterday. I wish I had some smartfood. It think I will forgo these and just get some fruit juice. I do have microwave popcorn. Not the same. Lacks the white cheddar powder. I miss the pesto from Cinque Terre, it was unbelieveably good, no exaggeration, seriousness.


Dinah said...

oh, I have a big craving for smartfood. And pretty much every other junk food-type product that I used to buy at Rabba's.

I've only seen one (out of two? Or three? three with the last ep) episodes of's so awful and I love it.

justmeghs said...

i was just talking about that pesto the other day. i also miss it dearly.