September 22, 2008

Prone to Obsession

I am the kind of person who gets ridiculously excited sometimes, like a little kid, freaking out for some reason or another. Apparently not everyone is like this, but I don’t care, its what I’m like, and I’m the one who can see my nose from the other side that YOU will never get to see it from. I feel particularly obsessed with several things at the moment, so I’m going to list these, with a little embellished commentary.

Numba 1: Coldplay
Today I bought tickets to the Coldplay concert in Ottawa on October 20th. I’ve seen them twice in concert before – Toronto 2003 and Montreal 2005. They’re amazing, they’re so freaking good. Even if Coldplay isn’t exactly your favourite band, you’d still like them in concert b/c they put on a good show. The lights, the energy, and let’s be honest, the music can’t hurt. I really love their new album “Viva la Vida or Death and all his friends”, it’s a very happy album, which is unique for Coldplay. Many have pegged their songs as melancholy and depressing, which, let’s face it, is a sure fire way to make good music. And no, I’m not actually being sarcastic with that remark, I LOOOVE depressing music. But now, when I’m walking down the street and “Life in Technicolour” is playing on my iPod, I just feel so happy, so good. Its AMAZING.

Munber 2: Radiohead
Still in the realm of British bands, I love Ropiohead. Like blogged previously, I saw their concert here in Montreal back in August. Incredible, really incredible. There’s something almost indescribable about big live concerts (with good bands, of course), it makes you feel part of something, and you experience the music, you don’t just hear the music. Wow. I am so deep. I hope they never stop making albums, as long as Thom Yorke is avoidant and anti-social, the quality of music will never decline.

Nummer 3: Stephen Colbert

One of the early posts of this blog was dedicated to my love for Stephen Colbert. That love remains, never ending like the motion of the tide. He recently won the Emmy for comedy writing. You’d think that a man who shamelessly plugs not only his own show, but really just himself would become unbearably annoying. But for some reason, we eat up his narcissism. I still think he’s pretty attractive for a forty-something. Love.

If you need a movie suggestion, go get Strangers with Candy. Very R-rated, very strange, very very funny.

Number 4: Brad Pitt

Another forty-year-old. Come on people! He is hott! Hott with two t’s! HE’S HOTT!!! I love Snatch. This is Brad Pitt’s hottest movie ever, where he plays this Irish Gypsy bare knuckled boxer guy, and he’s got his shirt off with the tattoos. If there’s one thing he’s got, its abs. If he was completely stupid and couldn’t act at all (which perhaps is the opinion held by some) he’s still got the best abs ever. Drool. (TIFF pic.)

Bummer 5: Adrien Brody

There’s a new movie coming out next month “The Brother’s Bloom”. Its another Wes Anderson flick, but the real reason I want to see it is Mr. Brody. This man is gorgeous. Yes yes, many have been surprised by my assessment of this lanky man, but look at his face. The dark brown eyes, the crooked nose – gorgeous. And there is no arguing that he can act. I mean he won the Oscar for Best Actor when he was 29, the youngest person to win this. Every time I see a movie that he’s in, my obsession is refreshed and I search imdb again seeing what new projects are coming out. I just can’t get enough (there’s something about you….. Name that lyric!).

Noomber 6: Arrested Development & 30 Rock
In a way, 30 Rock has been the replacement for AD since its been canceled. They share certain features, but remain unique. I think AD will never be equaled, but 30 Rock is its whole own thing too. I can’t wait for the new episodes to come out. I’ve seen every episode of AD at least 5 times, and every released episode of 30 Rock probably 3 times. I’ve mentioned before that it takes a bit for me to get into a new show, thus the tendency to rewatch things I know I like.

Numma 7: David Tennant

I know I’m a lot of things. You’ve probably tagged me as a nerd, as many of my so-called friends have tagged me. They pull out some logic about me be a grad student, and only nerds would do that, but whatever. Anyway, in 2nd year, which was my first year at U of T, my friend Mich got me to watching Doctor Who – the new season started by the BBC in 2005. I actually really like the show, especially that first new season with Christopher Eccleston as the Doctor. If you think its just a low budget sci fi show then I cannot help to see past your snobbishness to the core entertainment of the show. Anyway, on to the obsession part, the 2nd through 4th seasons feature David Tennant as the Doctor. Although these seasons don’t really match up with the one that directly preceded them, DT is sexy. Also, even though he fakes the British accent on the show, his natural Scottish accent (I am partial to Scots, for obvious reasons) is really hot.

Enough with the numbering. I get excited about and obsessed with things all the time. One such instance is Tolkien. I read The Hobbit and Lord of the Rings when I was a teenager, before the movies came out. When you read a good book, you want to get to the end to find out what happens, but its so sad when it actually ends. The movies are fine, but it’s the books that really do it for me. I had a similar experience before then when reading the Chronicles of Narnia, which is also superb.

I think my excitement and obsession comes from the high you get from feeling a part of something big or exceptional. Although past my formative years, my imagination is still quite impressive and so I can imagine myself in association to these people and things that make one feel a part of something big and famous and exciting. My life is way more exciting than it actually is.

On that note, Samurai Jack:


Lisa said...

hehe, i totally scrolled through this post going, " too.....yep, me too....yeah....OMG ME TOO!"

agreed with almost everythign, esp. the Dr. Who love.

Oh yeah, and Brad Pitt also dresses nice and is pretty smart; he should write an instructional book for all the schlubby guys out there.

madzina said...

Are you obsessed with Calvin Klein perfume too? I think you're more of a Oceanus girl. Living the wild life. Yah. SSHRC. YAH! And you forgot one last obsession: LINGUISTICS...but that's obvious. :)

Dinah said...

I love AD and 30Rock. I can't wait for the new season. Maybe I'll just rewatch my DVDs. Of both series.


al said...

I bet it was a blow to Scottish national pride to be told that the Doctor had to be English.