January 31, 2009

Superman: Senior Year!

Hey folks. It’s been a long long time. Many reasons for that, but I’m sure you won’t be convinced by any of them.

The biggest news is that I now have a niece where I had no niece before. Her name is Anna, and all test results say that she’s perfect in every way.

Ain’t they sweet? Finnan is clearly the protective and supportive big brother so far. I can’t wait till the sibling torture begins. So that is very good news.

Yes, as for the title, I used to watch Smallville (which may appear in old posts, I don’t remember). Tom Welling is really hot, and a little bit o’ sci fi/superhero is good for you. Makes you believe and in magic. (“Hey Oprah, wanna see a maaagic trick?”) Anyway, I bring this up because Smallville is still going. They’re in season 8, so with my useful science degree I did a little math. Season one involved freshman superboy (as many hopeful teen shows do – wanna get the most high school out of their main character). 8 years later I deduce that Clark should be rearing up for college graduation from good old Kansas A&M, or some other believable fake school name. I don’t watch the show anymore, as I age my enjoyment in/tolerance for cheese-corn decreases. But I still love the theme-song:

Maybe a recap on Christmas. I was in the Sound for about 3 weeks, but the first week was all work. I did field work at the Cape, which is always awesome to do, it’s so neat to talk to the native elders at the reserve, they have such great stories and the more I talk to them, the more I understand. They’re really nice people, constantly working for the good of their community. And then I had a paper due so that was some more work after that. But then it was Christmas.

My mom gave me a rice cooker, which is absolutely and totally magic (maybe magic is the theme of my post!). I will tell you why it’s magic. For one you just dump rice and water in it and it makes you rice (who knew!). For another, it knows when the rice is done! Ok, so this is amazing because you can have different amounts, different kinds of rice, and it just knows! The brown rice takes longer than the white rice, but the all knowing power of the rice cooker takes care of that. I seriously do not know how it works. There are no sensors inside where the rice is, and it can’t be a change in weight measurement. But I may have figured it out. There’s a little green man that no one but the rice cooker can see (like in the Flinstones) that flies into the pot and checks the rice and tells the cooker to shut off when its done. I told you, magic.

Christmas weather kinda sucked. We had a bunch of snow storms in a row, and then it rained and everything melted. The park was completely flooded and there was a bridge from the path into a lake of water.

Since I’ve been back at school it has been crazy busy, and I’m not exaggerating. I’m taking a couple classes, TAing one, applying to 6 conferences, doing a proceedings paper, and I’m supposed to be working on my big research paper due in April. I think things will calm down slightly now, but that will only be for a short time.

Another fun fact is that I got a really bad cold right before Christmas, and then I was sick a gain a week ago. But that gave me a good excuse to buy Ben & Jerry’s, ya’know, to soothe the throat and all. Although I think they should have a Cookie-dough/screw-the-chocolate-chip ice cream flavour. Mmmmmm, cookie dough.

Right on. Well, that’s it for today.


al said...

Rice cookers rock. Roger Ebert has a great post talking about all of the amazing things you can do besides make rice in them here.

Micheline said...

I need one of those! I made supper last night for myself though.

i threw it out.

But i managed to con my next door neigbour to go halfsies on food because she is unhappy with the idea of cooking for herself.