March 17, 2009

"Talk about your gigantic time-wasters"

Anyone wanna play frisbee? Lets run around in the park and not do work. Yay!

Also, I could really go for a mango based smoothie. And another 6 week backpacking trip. I'm totally in touch with reality.

I wore my green hoodie today. SC is irish so this counts as fake holiday particip-action.

Hal Johnson and Joanne Macleod. Oh wait, that's Bodybreak.


Jon said...

Bite your tongue! Frisbee should never be considered a time-waster. It develops fine motor skills and much needed (but rarely used, outside of Ultimate) muscles.

I like the space bit.

BTW, Mom knows how to find your whitespace text ;)

justmeghs said...

mmm, mango based smoothie. sounds excellent.
also frisbee. and the weather being warm enough for frisbee.
and backpacking trip. sweden, norway, denmark, finland? or asia?
stupid reality...