May 07, 2007

Half Aspie

T-3 days to Santa Barbara.

I saw SPIDERMAN 3. I really like what’s his face… smooth face blue eyes, you know, the guy who plays Spiderman. Not Topher Grace, he was Venom…. I can see his face, Tobey McGuire. Wow, I actually couldn’t recall the name. Mild anomia I suppose. Nonetheless, a very entertaining movie, I like comic book heroes. I also watched the first half of Center Stage with my aunt and cousin yesterday. Super excited to find out that they owned it.

I think the world is a little spinny and dizzy today, it doesn’t seem to want to stay still. Walking to school was more of a challenge than usual. It was even spinny when I woke up this morning. I’ve been drinking more coffee than I usually do, I think my body is getting used to the caffeine, maybe that will mean that I can drink coffee like a normal person and not crazy go nuts for hours afterwards.

Did you know that its speculated that way more boys than girls have autism b/c girls don’t show the normal symptoms? Girls natural linguistic superiority cover up the underlying disorder. So really, there might not be the boy-girl divide, just girls who get on ok without the help.

There’s also a thing called Rhythmic Movement Disorder. I found that very interesting, indeed.

The first section of my thesis is done, in first draft form. Now I’m waiting to meet with my supervisor so I can start the next section. I took all of yesterday off, hanging with the cousins, eating the good food, sitting on the comfy couches. My one cousin braided my hair in pigtails, and I was super cute. I have my moments.

My face is hot, my head feels funny, like its having a hard time staying in a normal upward position. I don’t want to go home, its cold there. Its warm here in the office. Now my hair is all crimpy and fluffy. You know milkweed? I used to love that stuff, actually, I still do, if I recall last fall when I kept playing with it on a hike through Gatineau park. I remember as a kid wanting to collect a whole bunch and stuff a pillow with it, I think I even tried it once. Its so silky and soft.


Jon said...

You're lucky you're not Joseph Merrick.

Dinah said...

I used to want the whole world to be made out of milkweed.