May 18, 2007

Boo food

This cold has made me lose my appetite and its really hard to work up enough energy to go get something to eat. I really hate those people who have a cold and they’re only really sick for like one day and then they bounce back. I’ve been pretty sick for like 5 consecutive days now, and I will be at least kinda sick for another week. Not that its better today, still in the pretty sick stage. So lethargic.

I’m at the office today b/c the weather has gotten mild again and my apartment is miserable and cold and I was home all yesterday, which made me unhappy, so now I’m just sitting in the dark with my head on my desk. Enough about being sick.

I get to see my nephew on Sunday! Also my sister-in-law and my brother, but I doubt they’ve changed as much as the baby-baby. I hope I’m well enough by then to hold him and not risk getting him sick. Maybe I’ll get one of those snazzy masks that people wore during the SARS outbreak. Those were the good old days.

Nothing is getting done. My brain is completely incapable of processing intelligent linguistic thought, which is not going well for me. I really wanted to have a good outline of the syntactic half of my analysis for my MA thesis so I could present it at the conference in Saskatoon. I still have a little time, but I’m a little worried about it.

I took an online IQ test (b/c it’s the kind of crazy thing I like to do for fun) and it came out with a modest 141 and said I was a “Creative Theorist”. Maybe if I retake it at full mental capacity I’ll do better. I usually find it easy to get genius status on the online tests, which doesn’t say much, just that I have a logical mind, which probably helped a little with the math/linguistics degree. Makes sense to me. These tests never tell me I have outstanding people skills or that I’m impressively socially adept, I figure it all evens out. Oh online quizzes, the internet time waster of the early new millennium. I’m undergoing some kind of throwback, I guess.

But seriously, I have to find something to eat. I have no idea what. Most of the food vending outlets on campus are closed for the summer which means extra energy needs to be expended to locomote to somewhere people still eat. So not hungry.


Dinah said...

I love Thomas the Tank Engine!

Dinah said...

are you well yet?