June 18, 2007

Yeah Vic


If you graduated from U of T today, that was for you (or should I say 'congratumalations'?). You know who you are, and if you don’t you don’t read my blog so you can suck it. Since I know they do read my blog, an extra I’M SO PROUD OF YOU to Dinah and Pyweon. I hope you guys have fun getting the piece of paper that you’ve been working for for 4 years (how many fo(u)rs can you jump?), and that somehow the prettiness of the paper makes up for all the pain, all the nights you decided to stay in to write about Husserl, all the night classes across campus in the winter and all the times your roommate wouldn’t stop pestering you or freaking you out by putting their head under the divider curtain which is really more creepy than you’d think (ok, that last part wasn’t so much for Dinah).

I went shopping this weekend! With my roommate’s girlfriend, who is a very lovely person. I got new perfume, since the days of Green Tea over-spritzing have been long lost. I got a shirt and a hott pair of Silver jeans. Kinda expensive, put really nice and comfy, and did I mention hott? I haven’t had a pair of Silvers since high school when my parents bought every piece of clothing I owned and I could convince them once in a while to go all in on the jeans. I also ended up in HMV at one point, which I told my shopping buddy was dangerous. At one point I may have had at least 7 (I think more) CD’s in my hand, but I was determined to limit myself to 2 so I got one of the 2 for $25 deals, now I have the new Incubus and Weezer’s green album. Many things were put away :(. I have a problem, and that problem is finding new good music – you have to search pretty persistently to find it.

Added comment: Guy in 2nd cup was totally chatting me up. He was pretty cute too! Hurrah Silver jeans.


Jon said...


Dinah said...

Hurrah! Good things happen at Second Cup.

Thank you for the good wishes. I had a great day, it was just lovely lovely. And I really like my pretty piece of paper. It's so pretty!

Lila said...

yay for boys chatting you up!! my sis and i had the same experience.. but unfortunatly it was some homeless man inviting us to go to some sketchy beach party... agh!!