June 01, 2007

Don't be a Dorkon

I write to you again from our nation’s capital after a travel stint. I am now sick of airports and layovers and don’t intend to fly for a few months. Since April I have been at the following airports:


Los Angeles
Santa Barbara


And that’s not listing the repeat airports (mostly Ottawa and Toronto). But this is what I get to flying to places that are not as major as they come thereby necessitating connections.

Last time I talked to you I was sick, and I’m still not completely better, but much better than I was. There’s still some sore of mucous phlegm thing going on in the throat nose area, but landing and the pressure change wasn’t as insanely painful as it was when the cold was in full swing. Now I don’t have a good excuse to not do my work and I have to get back to it all, I haven’t been writing my thesis for many weeks now so its time to shift back into gear – wish me luck.

I did my presentation in Saskatoon and it actually went pretty well. I didn’t turn red until halfway through my time, there were several good questions and I think I gave pretty good answers to them. One more thing to tack onto my CV to make myself seem like a real linguist. Saskatoon isn’t that exciting, but I knew that before I got there. I was there from Thursday until Wednesday, but at least I got to see Pirates of the Caribbean 3, even though it wasn’t the best but it did provide some much needed quality time with Johnny and Orlando.

Before I went to Saskatoon I went home for a few days and I got to see my nephew! He just gets cuter everyday. And he’s a really nice baby too, not fussy or particu-lar, just like the best baby to have ever existed.

I thought this was going to be a long post catching you up on all the witty things I had to say, but again I have misjudged my writing skills.


pyweon said...

hello beth! it's been a while. foremost on my mind to tell you (because I just found it)is that in shuffling through things that have been packed, unpacked packed unpacked and which are now in the process of being packed I have found a letter that arrived at stephie ho for you from the math department at the alma matter. I do not know what it is as I am not a lawbreaker, however i thought it best when leaving the house to bring it with me so that there is a possibility you might receive it sometime. Hmmm perhaps this should have been an email, but I have already typed it all here. Mayhap I shall send you an email tomorrow. Actually I've been meaning to do so for a while, but then you are well acquainted with my emailing habits...

Dinah said...

Good luck! Hee, Pyweon is not a lawbreaker. When does she go to Iceland? perhaps I should write her an email and ask her myself...

Im glad you're better.