October 12, 2007

Forget forgotton

I felt like I should post.

Oh busy busy life, I'm trying to wait for it to let up, hold on just until the end. Then I should by all reasonable guesses explode at some excruciating point in the future in the painful slow death kind of way. I exaggerate, I have been much busier in the past and so much more stressed out. I feel like I'm not doing as well as I should, I got an A- on my Semantics assignment -- this must be remedied immediately before the D's start rolling my way. You laugh, you think me ridiculous but a fail is a C in grad school and I just cannot explain to you in a way you will find rational my expectations of myself. I realize I'm hard on myself, but if I'm not hard on myself, who will be? That's a misfortune I'm not going to take my chances with. Are these even grammatical English sentences? Reminder: I am not an English major, I am not obsessed with prescriptive grammar -- as far as I care, if people can say it then its grammatical. Its called descriptivism. See how I did that? A little switch from prescribe to describe. Subtle, I know, but what a difference.

I have a conference next weekend at York, which is good in terms of spending a few days in Toronto. I will miss my friends who have moved away from Toronto (I'm looking at you, Dinah) and it will be like a hole shot through the memory of my former life, but I will hold on. I will let those who remain in our province's capital (province = Ontario) spread inwards from the edges of that gaping hold like fibres in around the torn knee hole of a much loved pair of jeans. Maybe I'll have a big face tattoo when you see me, maybe I will have jet black hair. Maybe I will speak with an eastern Australian accent. How could you yet know? You haven't seen me in a while. Perhaps I have taken to wearing really long t-shirts with a belt around the waist. They go well with my knee high alligator skin hooker boots with that lovely rosy tinge that makes you think of a guy who has been punched in the face and has spit out his bloody saliva on the sidewalk for you to step around the next morning.

My phonology homework awaits. I am attempting to break wide open the wonders of feature licensing in a couple of Bantu dialects. The phonological world won't know what hit them when I come along, with my predetermined data set, and fully answer the questions I am obliged to answer for my mandatory course work.

Have you had enough yet?


Dinah said...

in answer to your text: that piece of paper fell apart awhile ago. Plus, a lot of the numbers were outdated. I have some programmed into my phone, though, so that's usually what I go by.

Have fun in Toronto.

Frances Marie said...

I found the most awesome vegetarian recipe EVER. Therefore you must come here and I will make it for you.