June 27, 2008

Noice, Nice

Hey guys, I just got to France, we're in Nice now. Its pretty humid here and I'm totally wired and very tired. No, that is not a con tradiction. My hair is in french braided pigtails, which are awesome. I'm using Meghan's special skill while I've got her captive. When did I talk to you last? Rome?

Ok, so sorry if I repeat myself, but you'll figure it out. We went to Pompeii, and don't worry mom, we skipped Naples where the garbage fires and rioting is supposed to be going on . The train station was fine. Pompeii is just this whole ruined city dug up from under the volcano ash. We only saw a couple of plaster casts of the people who were caught in the lava, creepy but insanely cool. There's one of a dog biting at its chain trying to get away. Its crazy how they were all frozen in position, and lots for so many hundreds of years. That day was also mega hot, and I wore jeans which was as ba-ad idea. Then we went to Florence, which is very historical, with a cool marked. We saw the big huge Duomo church, which is 100 times better from the outside than the inside. We went to the Uffizi gallery, and I totally saw stuff by Da Vinci, Michelangelo and Botticelli. Also other famous people like Lipi. I saw the original Spring and Birth of Venus, which is actually really beautiful. It bothered me to see some of these things on postcards after because its so not the same.

We went to Accademia where the David is (Michelangelo, of course), and seriously, it was so worth the 10 euros it cost. Absolutely stellar. The pose, the muscles -- just stunning. There were replicas of David around, but the original is just so much more. Like I said before, these statues have to be seen in person for you to really get the wonder and the art. See it if you ever get the chance.

I remember in high school, at the old OS, there was this joke about "Michelangelo's Dave" , centered around Dave Hamilton. I'm sure my brother knows what I'm talking about. Tehe.

We just came out of Cinque Terre which are these 5 villages on the West Coast of Italy on the Medateranean that you can walk between. Some of the hikes are super easy, and some of them are super hard with mega steps that are not your friend in the glaring sun. I had the best pesto of my life from this little market too, I could have eaten it by the spoonfulls. I got sunburnt at the beach, even though a lot of high spf sunscreen was involved, so I'm going to try and protect my pasty pasty skin better.

I don't know what else to tell you right now. Other than I feel guilty for not doing research, but its too late for all that. I might post again soon b/c this hostel has free internet, you're just supposed to use it in small doses.


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