June 06, 2008

Onatrio, BC, and back to Quebec

Correction: So apparently I already posted pictures from the Cape.

Hey dudes. I'm still in almost exclusive photo sharing mode. I've been to Ontario where I did field work on Ojibwe with a colleague (hehe, colleague sounds all "professional" and stuff), which was cool. This means going back to the Sound and staying at home. So I saw my family and some friends who also happened to be at home. I tried to go see Prince Caspian with my brother, but the stupid small town movie theater decided to relegate an epic and symbolic chronicle of Narnia to the drive in, only on the weekend, later than the general release date. I guess I should have taken him for ice cream instead. Anyway, here's a few pictures from the Cape:

And then I went to Vancouver Island to hang with my best friend. We went canoeing on a river that connected into the ocean and saw eagles, sea lions, little bitty jelly fish and sand-dollars.

And we also went surfing, or tried to, in Tofino. I couldn't stand up on the board for the life of me, but by the end I was getting half decent at the body boarding, which is way fun.

I love this picture.

Bear claw! And not the tasty treat...

We saw some waterfalls, did a couple of little hikes, and went horseback riding! I hadn't been on a horse since I was like 12, but I had a really nice, well-trained horse so it was all good.

Apparently I didn't get the horseback riding pictures from my friend. Oh yeah, goats on the roof!

Then I went to Vancouver (UBC) for a conference.

I have a bunch more pictures, but I'm sure you can only take so many. A week from today I'm leaving for Europe for 6 weeks. I think this will be the 2nd best summer ever! Hooray!

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