June 18, 2008


First off, Bernini is amazing.

Ok, so I'm desperately trying to upload pictures to show you guys, but this computer will not register my USB thingy with my camera card in it. I already have like 200 pictures, I'm not sure if I will ever be in Rome again so I have to record when I can.

We went to the Vatican a couple days ago, saw the museums and the Sistene chapel. It was waaay smaller than I thought it would be, but the ceiling was cool, saw the super famous God reaching out to man one. Much smaller than you would expect, its just one block in a whole bunch of them. And before you get to the chapel you see a bunch of painted ceilings, which took some of the umph out of it, but still cool. We went to St. Peter's Basillica, which I'm pretty sure is my favourite thing in the world. Its so insanely huge, bigger than I ever thought it would be. And its beautiful, many sculptures, beautiful ceilings, you need to go.

Yesterday was the Colleseum, Palantion and the Roman Forum. Its weird being in a gigantic structure that's impossibly old, and that you've heard about forever. Of course everything is not is pristine condition, but its amazing the scale of it and the precision of construction. You can actually see the basilica from the ruins in the forum. Its a paradox, really. From the place where they killed early Christians you can see the centre of Roman Catholic Christendom. What an odd history Rome seems to have.

Today we went to this park and the Galleria Borghese. The galleria was way cool, many sculptures, busts, paintings. I was walking around and there were a few sculptures that really caught my attention, and this one that I stared at forever. And later I was like, who did those? Because, being the blonde that I am, I didn't actually check the first time around. They were all Bernini, who is apparently super amazing. The most amazing one was "The Rape or Presepione" (I think that's the Latin one for Persephone, Hades is the guy in it). Now, its a disturbing title, but really the emotion and the pashion and the art of it was incredible. I have a post card, but its something you need to see in person, to get the perfection of how it was crafted and see it in 3D.

We also went to the Pantheon today, which is also amazing. The oldest too, its from 31 AD, I believe. The columns are great, the perfect half sphere is also great. I appreciate geometry.

Since I have no pictures for you now, I leave you here. Hopefully the next place I get on a computer will enable my USB dealy.



Lisa said...

Rome is so wonderful. I felt the same way about St. Pete's when I was there.

enjoy the rest of your time there! I hope you're eating lots of ice cream.

Frances Marie said...

It sounds like you're having a great time. I wish that I could travel like that... maybe some day after Finnan is all grown up and doesn't live with me any more!! :) Keep posting when you can, it's really interesting to read!!