August 14, 2008

I love Rope-iohead.

It was a week ago, and I'm very slow on the uptake, but the Radiohead concert was superbly amazing. Really. There wasn't a lot of band/audience interaction, like "Hello Montreal!" type chatter, but what can you say. We love Thom Yorke because he's just plain weird. This was my absolute favourite song of the night, the sound at the concert was ethereal, I felt like I could listen to the sound of it for decades.


It was raining like a mofo when we got to Parc Jean Drapeau, we were soaked, the grounds were really muddy. However, I am a supreme genius, lord over all the intellectuals, and actually brought a garbage bag which allowed me and my friends to sit down. Even miserable rain couldn't ruin a Radiohead concert, it would have to be a hurricane to make me leave.

In Montreal they have these firework competitions, which begin at about 10pm and go until 10:30. It also happens to be the case that the site of the fireworks and that of the concert are right next to each other. So, Faust Arp is a soft, beautiful song off in Rainbows...

Thom Yorke cracks up part way into it b/c of the fireworks, made some comment during the night that fireworks are most appropriate at the end of something. It was a nice moment.

Anyway, I was caked with mud for about 37 hours after that, totally worth it. I wish I went to more concerts, and I guess I could go to smaller more local ones. But there's something about those big events with the really intricate light shows that gives you this feeling you can't get when its just the music that's preforming. I've never seen Ropeiohead before, and I will see them every chance I get after this. I'm not that far behind, I do have all their albums.

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