August 01, 2008

Remember the memories

Now that I have about 1000 new photos, I was tempted to scroll through some of the other pics that made it on to this computer. I feel like I've posted these particular pictures before, but I can't confirm that. Anyway, its probably my favourite series of photos of all time.

Oh, LR. I love you guys so much. This is an effective shout out.

Maybe some of you are wondering, "Hey? Didn't chick just go away on a huge trip for which she only posted like 2 times?" Maybe not, maybe you're wondering, "Do they still make those spicy Cheetos?" Either way, I think I'll try and do some posts about Europe, trying to remember all the crazy antics that went on in certain places. I can't really tell you about the whole trip all at once since we went to so many places.


Dinah said...

Spicy cheetos? You're talking crazy!

sue said...

Oh LR! And my old house!

Someday maybe we'll all (or some) be around TO at the same time and we can have a reunion. (I'll be in town Aug 14-19...)