August 28, 2008

My butt looks great in these jeans

I love my Silvers. Anyway, that’s not really what I’m going to write about. Wait I forgot what I was going to write about. Its worth it to spend money on jeans, b/c if you’re like me you wear them until they die a slow, horrible, holey death. I may have a bit of a g’donk g’donk, doesn’t mean it can’t look good.

Classes start next week, which is pretty crazy since I’m still not done the work I was supposed to finish this summer. Some of it is done, so I’m not a total slacker.

My new favourite Montréal coffee place is Java U. I didn’t go to it much last year b/c I thought that a place with such a corny name couldn’t be that good. But now I have seen the light, also there’s one close to me in my new neighbourhood. Their coffee is really good, and their lattes are incredible. Much better than Café Depot, even better than Second Cup and Starbucks. I think there will be many an article read at Java U this year.

Party at my house this Saturday. If you live in Montréal you should totally come.

Ok, I forgot everything interesting I could have possibly written.

Europe Pictures

Florence: Accademia, home of the original David. So David here, carved my Michelangelo, is a solid slab of concrete that Mr. Sculptor man found in a church yard or something like that. He's like 12 feet tall or more. I had half a mind to post the PG picture of him I have (waist up), but I'm sure you're art appreciating people. It really is a masterpiece. I couldn't stop staring at it.

Monaco: Left to right its Christian, Meghan, Roz and Ryan. I, of course, am taking the picture. This is just outside the huge, expensive, fancy casino.

Salzburg: This is at the monk brewery, Augustiner, which is supposed to be the best beer in Austria. This shot if of Roz's mug to show that she drank a full half pint! I had to drink 2 pints because Meghan was feeling sick, and isn't that much of a beer person anyway so I drank mine and hers.

Paris: As mentioned in the previous post, these are the pictures of us outside Notre Dame. Fig 1, self portrait. I think its a hilarious photo, all our faces are doing different things.

Fig 2, a nice picture taken by a nice boy.


Dinah said...

I love it.

Today was my first day of school. I just had one class, but it was hard to sit there for three hours...

Frances Marie said...

Hey!! Thanks again for the wicked awesome gifts from Europe! Finnan does really like Wilma... he even pets her and says "nice caterpillar." Did you know that your bro, Finn and I are all coming home for Thanksgiving this year? Well we are and we've invited your family to come to my Mom and Dad's on the Monday of the Thanksgiving weekend. Is there any slight chance that you're going to be home? We're going to be celebrating Finn's 2nd birthday on the Monday as well. Just thought I'd let you know, and if you can't make it, I totally understand! Let me know, okay?