July 18, 2007

Miss Attractions

Well, when did I talk to you last? Right, told you ‘bout my thesis. So I went to Montreal on the weekend and operation find-a-house was unsuccessful. After a few days of moping and feeling super depressed about it I’ve semi convinced myself that its going to be ok. I have to go again this Sunday and check out some more places. If it doesn’t work out this time I don’t know what I’m going to do. I guess I’ll have to live on the street, because whatever happens I have to go to McGill, that is not debateable. I could try and live in my office until I get caught and then give a whole sob story about my homelessness.

I’m almost done all my stuff here at the University of Ottawa. I might be sad about it if I weren’t so tired and preoccupied with other urgent things. I really like the Linguistics department here, but I will be glad to live somewhere a little more lively than our nation’s capital.

I was going to write more. But I tired. No make sense more.

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