February 28, 2008

Midnight train... well, bus

Heya. What to tell, what to tell. I went to Ottawa this weekend, which speaks against previous statements found in posts below about how boring and dull the capital is. But hey, I have family there, so my excuse is that I wanted to hang out with my cousins. Which I did, and I did. We even went to the canal on Sunday. I didn't skate, in fact only my one cousin was skating, but it was nice anyway. We had beaver tails, and I had the maple syrup one which is seriously an outside only snack. When I had finished the ice beneath me had a spotty coating of maple drip off and my hands were a little sticky, but its all part of the Canadian winter experience. Or something like that.

I had Smartfood while in Ontario as well, because, as I may have mentioned before (I'm not actually sure if I have) I cannot find Smartfood in Quebec. I was craving it, and am now satisfied. But who knows for how long.

I had a dual purpose for the trip, and I spent Monday at the U of O working on some stuff for a paper since my co-author remains in Ottawa. But it was pretty nice, there's something about the linguistics department there, I just feel like I can focus. That's something I'm not getting from the McGill linguistics building, so instead I just procrastinate all the time and never get anything done. I had lunch at the vegetarian restaurant that I used to frequent -- they have the BEST veggie burgers EVER. Seriously, the best. And I saw a friend from last year there, and we chatted and had some coffee after lunch. All very civil and victorian.

I went out for a pint with a friend after all the photocopying and paper discussing was finished. By the time I got to the bus station it was 9:45 so I caught the 10 o'clock bus and got home a bit before 1 am (that factors in the walking time from the Montreal station to my house).

So, I guess its just a life/weekend update. I'm not coming up with anything funny (or at least not anything I think is funny, and you might not find this blog amusing ever anyway) or intriguing. If you know where Quebecers get their name brand white cheddar popcorn, lemme know.


Dinah said...

If you're ever in the Eastern Townships, or L'Estrie, as it's more formally called, I can tell you where to find Smartfood. But not Montreal.

Tala said...

Hey, you can find Smartfood in lots of the depanneurs. Not so much grocery stores though. I know I've seen it in a whole bunch of deps around concordia.