February 06, 2008

Old Fort Cheese

Of all the cheeses in the world, I think old Canadian cheddar is my favourite. Sure, you can get a fancy brie, or a nice dry parmesan, even and nice melted provolone, but there's something about that unearthly orange glow that enhances the taste of the local cheese. In case you're wondering, Canada has pretty excellent cheese (we're not comparing with France or something here), in relation to certain parts of the world at least. India has pretty unimpressive cheese, and the UK is decent, but their good cheese is like the imported stuff, some of which is from Canada.

Exciting news, I get to go to Germany at the end of March. I got into the conference, which is pretty cool, so I get to go argue with the Europeans about my analysis and see if I can't convince them of some of crazy ideas. I'm also hoping to learn a little sum'n sum'n while I'm there. I've never been to for reals Europe before, only to Britland, so I'm pretty excited. I'm wondering if I might have a problem with people assuming that I speak German, though. My last name is Austrian and I look very germanic. I'm sure my North American attire will give me away somewhat, and perhaps the Canadian flag on my backpack.

I stole a vacuum from the hallway this morning. I've been planning on asking the superintendent if I could use the vacuum for a while now, but I haven't worked up the courage and haven't seen her at an opportune time to actually ask. This morning when I left for class, there's was a vacuum in the hallway. Very stealthily I moved it into my apartment and locked it there until this afternoon when I came home. I'm hoping someone wasn't worried about where it went, but now my floor is dust free and noticeably cleaner, and I figure it was worth the harsh reprimand known to follow vacuum theft.

I feel like knitting something. But I won't, because I'll work on it for like 3 days and get tired of the scarf. It would be a scarf because I can't make anything else. Also, I don't need more time wasters to draw me away from my work, I'm bad enough as is.


Dinah said...

I like cheese.

sue said...


:O :O :O

Ian said...

Heehee! When I was boy (before I learned French), I thought there was actually a type of cheese called "Old Fort". Now that I'm older, I must admit that old Canadian cheddar is probably my favourite cheese - with the possible exception of real Paremsan.

If you haven't already, you MUST try Balderson's products. They have won many international awards. They even make a 6-year old cheddar (that's right, SIX YEARS!). Their website is cheese.ca.

Keep nibbling!