February 14, 2008


I might have some pictures in future posts. I've been colouring with the pencil crayons my little brother gave me for Christmas.

So, there were two things I wanted to talk about. Only one I remember right now, let's start with that. I was on the treadmill in the gym the other day and the TV most central to my field of vision had pro wrestling on it. I've decided its ballet for men. Really, we all know its choreographed, but the guys seriously don't even touch each other. You can see the guy getting punched throwing himself backwards on his own volition. Its not even good fake. I can't handle it. Coincidentally, the most recent episode of project runway the designers had to make ring costumes for female WWE-ers. They had to buy their material from "Spandex House". Quality all round.

What was the second thing? Not a clue. Back to how a hate presenting, I have a presentation for the PF reading group tomorrow. I'm going to shine the light of my MA thesis on them such that they may bask in its insight and be at a lost for suggestion and criticism. Maybe not quite, but we'll see how it goes. I'm guessing my phonology prof from last semester is not going to be impressed with my feature geometry defined by c-command rather than dominance. Its something I have to look more into, but it might not be as bad as it sounds.

Right, Valentines is a fake holiday. It was only minimally acceptable when we were little kids and we were forced to give cards to everyone and eat cinnamon hearts in class. But now, its a waste of flowers. And I don't really like chocolates that much either, so I can't benefit from such things. Flowers on random days, or your birthday, are nice. But for Valentines its so cliché. Don't you just think of romance and love when you think of February?


Dinah said...

I think of you...when I read your blog. And other times.

I didn't even hear your text this morning, I don't usually have the volume on for texts because the light goes, and then I'll forget and it'll make noise in class...so you can send texts whenever you want!

Dinah said...

oh, and hee, i just got the post title.

Dinah said...

Okay, I'm feeling so slow that I don't even want to have to ask/admit this, but is "Racheltastic/Rachel IS Fantastic" taken from Linguo? I just thought of that like, yesterday.