February 04, 2008

My Special Skill

I've been called a "pack mule". Yes, it sounds like a nasty insult, but all it really means is that I'm good at carrying crap. Its very useful on canoe trips, I'm good with a canoe on my head. Today I bought a pile of groceries, and I got to lug them all back to my apartment. Thus my pack mule skills. I'm hoping I won't need more for like two weeks, other than a few fresh vegetables and some milk. I bought Shreddies, which I think I haven't had since I was 5. But I remember liking them when I was 5. If I'm not mistaken, my mom stopped buying them for me and my brother because we would leave some stuck to the sides of the bowls.

I've been working on some abstracts for conferences. I think I have about... 5 papers on the go right now. There's IS, NI, Wh, Case... ok 4 but I have to write an Obv paper as well. But some exciting/terrifying news, I submitted my article, to a pretty high up journal. I submitted to that one because I was told to, and I'm getting an "experience", even if I get rejected.

I watched Hot Fuzz. It was actually pretty good. Sort of a cop action/thriller, which is a quasi-unique blend. And it was British, which is always a bonus. Its the same guys as Shaun of the Dead, so if you saw that you would also like his movie.

I feel like queen of the slackers. I've been wasting huge vats of time for no particular reason. There's somewhat of a lull in the semester, but I should really use the time because it will become crazy quickly and then I'll be mad at myself for not using the time I had.

Nothing interesting to say.

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