August 18, 2006


So I’m getting a little stressed out because I have to be settled in downtown Ottawa before September 5th, hopefully more around the beginning of Labour Day weekend. During school I would get really stressed out, like any normal student would, and it feels like all kinds of little buzzings, movement and tiny electric currents going through my brain. Do you know what I’m talking about? If not, don’t assume anything, you’ll likely be assuming wrong.

But now, the stress is different, my head is clear and content. The feeling doesn’t start till slightly below the tops of my shoulders. So the “bottoms” of my shoulder and inside my chest is experiencing all the physical side affects of my anxiousness that would normally reside within my head.

I’m sure it’s because its not academic stress where I have to think and my studies haunt my dreams, its quite separated from that. But it’s still that ticking deadline (“slowly walking down the hall, faster than a canon ball…”) staring me in the face which has to be dealt with.

At least I’m not writing midterms at the same time. That’s what sucks about applying for grad school during the fall semester, all your brain power has been sucked away. If only I could sleep more. I’m jealous of those people who feel absolutely normal on 6 hours sleep a night (I’m looking at you, Pyweon).

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