August 01, 2006

NE thing 4 U

Ok, so by special request from Dinah and Pyweon I am to post my “surprise ending” poem, which isn’t really a surprise. I wrote it in grade 9 geography class, not for the class, just in the class. If I give you title first as per usual then I’ll ruin the “surprise” so I’ll put the poem first, press enter a bunch of times, maybe add an unrelated picture, and then I’ll put the title.

I’m sure you’ll be stumped, for 0.2 seconds.

As a child his mother held on
Knowing he would soon be gone.
Till the seasons turned his colour,
Good-bye home, life and mother.

The Leaf


Jon said...

Way to go Keyser Söze on us, there.

sue said...

that's a really funny picture.

Dinah said...

Whooo! I love it. Thank you! Let me know if you have any blog requests from me :)

Also, that picture made me laugh.

Capturing each moment... said...

hey girl,

Miss you!