August 21, 2006

Oh so pasty

I am very pale today. If you thought I was pale before, you were wrong – I actually get whiter. Sleep is an issue, my mental clock doesn’t take the weekends off so I was unable to sleep past 7:30am. Meh, what can you do. I guess it doesn’t help that I didn’t get home till past 1 last night since I went out with my friends. I find it amusing to see guys wholeheartedly singing along to musicals, even if it is RENT.

This was me trying to sleep in:

For those of you who are little tiny babies and don’t remember the 80’s, it’s made of Construx. I think we still have our box of it, with the connectors and the beams and the sweet glow in the dark radar dish things. They even had slanty connectors for whacked out designs. Its particularly good for making scaffolding, very sturdy. I’d always try to make regular three-dimensional shapes. We had Lego too, but Construx was characteristic of my young childhood, especially since they’ve now discontinued it. Back in the day people didn’t care if kids played with little pieces of plastic perfect for choking on. I’m sure I chewed on a few myself.

But, the reason I use this for my lack of sleep description is that I felt like a kind of construx dodecahedron with extra arms pointing out rolling around in my bed. Lack of relaxation you see.

So now I’m pale, but I drank at large tea so maybe I’ll make it.


Fran said...

Bethany - I like you!

Dinah said...

Rent rent rent rent reeeeeent! I was just thinking today how we went to watch it.

I don't remember those connex thingies. I do remember tinker toys.