August 28, 2006

Its not whether the wind is blowing

Update: Successful weekend in Ottawa, I registered and found a way to not be homeless (or more simply, I have a place to live) and now I feel much better. Stupid crap, who invented deadlines anyway? Whatever.

Right now I’m registered in 5 courses, even though you’re only supposed to take 3. But I plan on dropping 2, once I figure out what those 2 shall be. Ottawa is beautiful, absolutely nothing like Toronto in the layout and the neighbourhoods – just completely different.

I snuck into the Emily Carr exhibit (mwhahaha). My mom had a ticket and a little shirt clippy thing, which I took it and went in again. Or for the first time. I don’t actually feel guilty, because, well I just don’t.

We had lunch at the casino on Saturday, which was fine. You see all the people mindlessly pushing buttons and feeding quarters into the machines. The best was this toy horse racetrack thing they had. Different people sit around the track and bet on the little horses, which then burst out of the little mechanical gate and make believable galloping motions around the track. Its kinda cool, clearly one of the wonder of magnet technology moving the figures around the green felt. But there was this guy who was like, “Go number 4! Number 4! Number 6!” yelling at the little horses, who can obviously hear him and change their strategy accordingly.

But yes, I’m in Toronto for 3 more days then I’m outta here, both exciting and sad. Single teardrop.


sue said...

that horse race game reminds me of "no coins please" -- a gordon korman book -- do you know what i'm talking about?

Dinah said...

I love "No Coins Please"! Gordon Korman is so funny.

I'm tearing a little bit, partly because I'm so happy you have a place to live, and partly because it's all seeming so real now that you won't be in Toronto. But mostly I am excited for you, not the least of which because you saw the Emily Carr exhibit.

Bethany<> said...

No, Sue. I do not know what you are talking about.

justmeghs said...

yay bethl! i'm excited for you and for how God is providing for you. awesome possum.
and gordon korman rocks...he was my favourite author when i was a kid. i still read his books cuz they're so funny.