August 09, 2006


Business #1: Brad update
I don’t see our dear afternoon security guard much anymore. You see, our paths initially crossed shortly after I crashed my bike and had to take the subway for the month of June. This meant I walked out the front door, past the big security desk where all our “Good evening”s occurred. But since June I’ve been riding my bike which means I take the service elevator to the back garage-type door and I do not walk past the desk.
I did see him at the back of the building once and he was equally as jovial then with a, “See you later.” This is also the moment I realized that he is tall, since I’d only ever seen him diminished by the dimensions of the security desk before.
Last night I walked out the front door with another lady and went around the building to my bike instead of taking the service elevator. I said, “Good night,” (and had to bite my tongue before I said “Brad” since it’s not actually his real name) to which I got a startled response in return. I think he thought I had tragically vanished from the office building and now he had only seconds to deal with the ghostly figure that greeted him in the lobby again. At least my hair was fantastic…..

Business #2: Radiohead
I recently bought Amnesiac and Hail to the Thief from HMV. I haven’t opened the latter yet, I figure one Radiohead album at a time is enough to handle. But I just love Amnesiac, I think they say its from the Kid A sessions (which so far is my favourite album of theirs) and “You and Whose Army?” is my current favourite track. It starts of erie and breathy but then this wicked piano with a deep, raspy quality comes in and I just LOVE it. This album is the most jazzy yet (in my experience of their albums, not for their albums in total) which is cool, influence is a good thing and doesn’t always make you a copy cat. Its how music evolves and changes. If we all started from nothing we’d be listening to, well, nothing that sounded like music.

Business #3: Schezwan (sp?) Eggplant Tofu
Its good stuff, seriously, you should try it.

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Dinah said...

Awww yeeeeeah! Of course your hair looked fantastic.

And I laughed at almost calling him Brad. Shades of HotMalcolm!