September 21, 2006


Ok, so I have to write this all down before I forget. I had an interesting dream last night, it involved one Stephen Colbert – don’t get ahead of me. So, for some reason he was one of the pastors of the church I went to ‘that day’ (I guess it was a Sunday) and his wife and family and everyone was there too. One of his friends had parked his car somewhere he wasn’t allowed to (like on a sidewalk) and Stephen offered to move it for him, and for some reason I also went to help move it.

Well, we get out to the car and it’s this amazingly beautiful light silver Mercedes Benz sports car (I’m sure my little brother could actually give me a model name that would sound convincing). So I try to touch the car, since it’s so beautiful, but I get chastised for smudging the wax or something. But then there’s a moment when I look at him and he looks at me and we jump into the car and go for a mega joy ride.

And then for some reason later we’re in buildings running around like we’re being chased, but we’re not. And I forget most of the details of that part, but we end up peeking over this stone, castle like wall over this courtyard and through a window where the church service is still taking place.

Stephen Colbert goes back inside to tell his friend he parked his car and to give back the keys and his wife comes out to peer over the wall with me. She seemed really cool. I think we giggled and talked for a while. Then I started to wake up and began to realize that, in fact, none of this was true. I was a little convinced that he was the pastor, and I had some way of rationalizing it too, but whatever.

Anyway, that’s my dream, maybe its weird, I just think it’s funny.


Dinah said...

I had a dream last night about one of the people I'm no longer really friends with. And then today I saw her, for the first time since last April.

Maybe I'm psychic?

Fran said...

Don't you mean 20XD6?

pyewon said...

not as weird as the "yellow dot" dream...but still odd. I wish i remembered my dreams...