September 05, 2006

Be here now

I'm realizing more and more that Ottawa is in no way Toronto. They are two completely different, separate things. Toronto is bigger, commerce based and is extrememly liberal in political and social thought/behaviour. Ottawa is smaller, goverment based and more old fashioned and "behind the times" in its thought. There's a less oppressive feeling here in the nation's capital as opposed to the province's. Its not just geographical and industrial differences that I'm noticing, there's definitely another feel or ambience about the whole palce. I don't know quite how to describe it.

I love linguistics, that's the main thing that makes me feel ok about being here right now. I'm just very overwhelmed.

Ok, and as an informative aside, please note the following: I do not need thesis suggestions. For those of you who have contributed, thank you for your consideration but know that I will not use any of your thesis topics nor anything closely related to them. Understand that I am doing a masters of THEORETICAL linguistics, and as a lay person to the field, you know nothing about it. Trust me. You may think you have an inkling, but it is incorrect. If you want to talk sociolinguistics, fine, or even language acquisition. But I am wholly convinced that when it comes to the Minimalist program or Optimality theory there is seriously nothing you can do to help me.

So, unless you have some sort of degree pertaining to the current theoretical field of linguistics I will not be able to make any use of your readily provided thesis ideas. Also, I think all the suggestions I've already heard have published papers on the topics already. Do a google search people. Its surprisingly handy.


Dinah said...

I can't even think of a fake suggestion to give you, because I don't really understand what you study. But I DO know that you're awesome at it.

JoeCanoehead said...

What is this backwardness you speak of neophyte?!!
Ottawa is stale, but the burbs rock!

BC Adventures said...

Dear Bethl
I'm sure you'll get used to Ottawa just as quick as you did To. haha and just remember there's other fellow OSers there too. So go find them. haha
see you in a month!