September 20, 2006

Now is the winter of your discontent!

Those of you who know me (I think everyone who reads my blog does know me, I don’t seem to be world renowned like Dinah) know that I have very pale skin. This causes me to burn (and no, tanning doesn’t work) in 10 minutes of direct sunlight and so I wear SPF 50 sunscreen (I would wear SPF 500 if I could find it). But something is changing, from all previous data it was inconclusive as to whether I had any melanin in my skin at all – I have been called an albino before (as well as no-hair, but that is semi-unrelated). But now, it seems that I do have melanin and even what I have is leaving me. Firstly, I have a white (not grey) streak of hair at the base of my neck; this is because the skin there has lost any memory of melanin. This has also happened in a spot on my right thumb and one of my knuckles. I am finding more and more white spots on my skin.

I fear I will turn completely pasty with no exaggeration of the lack of colour in my skin. I find more and more spots, on my hands especially, and soon I will not be translucent anymore, but fully transparent. And by the way, if you think I have a pen mark on the side of my chin, I don’t, you can just seen the vein through my skin. Not that it will be noticeable, just a slow cross-fading process from white to colourless void.

I don’t know what I’m trying to accomplish with this post, just wanted to tell you how I’m fading into spectral oblivion. Pasty is as pasty does.

In other news, I love my bike. Its actually my brother’s old bike, but its quality and rides real good. The seat is a little crappy, but maybe I’ll get my dad to help me fix that. I also love toe-clips (not actual clips, the ones you slide your sneakers into). They just make riding seem easier. I was thinking today how my brother would never let me touch his bike when he first got it (and pretty much until he gave it to me) but now its mine and I could add cotton-candy coloured streamers and daisy decals if I wanted. I won’t, though, I like the grayish matte colour it is, makes it blend in with the crappy bikes so its less of a target.

Ok, 4th longest post ever.


Dinah said...

Oooh! You should totally add the streamers to it. And a ringy bell.

IF you become invisible, that would lead to a whole bunch of interesting possibilities.

Jon said...

It sounds like you're doing the Michael Jackson thing... except with a very small contrast ratio... and your nose is still the same... and your gender.
Yup yup... it's a good bike. Glad you are enjoying it!

pyweon said...

i think you shoudl put those coloured clicky things on the wheels. Also if you turn white as you say, wont more veins become noticeable? another thought, maybe you're starting to tan backwards ( gettin paler). I know this wouldnt work for the hair, but are you evenly applying sunscreen to your hands???
...i miss you : )