September 17, 2006

Just to clear things up

Ok people, some impressionist art has people in it. I’m trying to say that I prefer the stuff without people in it, is that so hard to accept? Pyweon, I know you like people art, we’ve been over this before. And Jonathan, I’m basing my like/better like of Dvorjak and Vivaldi based mostly on playing 2nd violin parts in orchestra. Maybe the cello in Dvorjak, or the overall output pleases you better, but I’m just saying. I’m allowed to just say on my blog!

And Dinah, Adrien and I, well, I first met him when I watched The Village, but there was no gorgeous-ity going on b/c his character is kinda weird and creepy in that one. I started crushing when I saw him in King Kong (he was pretty much the only thing that made the 3.5 hours bearable, did it really have to be that long?) But semi-recently I watched The Pianist, which he won the Oscar for. Not only was he gorgeous in that, but amazing in many other ways as well. As for Adam Brody, he’s cute, but not gorgeous, nice connection though.

Any more questions on past post content? I would be happy to clear things up/argue with you about it. Seriously, bring it on.


Dinah said...

I got a whole paragraph!
We're both awesome.

guess who said...

i know what you were trying to say about the impressionistic stuff. But i coulnd't let it pass. have to keep you on your toes, you know, and now i can't do it in person so...irritating comments on your blog will have to suffice!