September 18, 2006


If you ever go to Pizza Pizza (like walk-in/take-out) you have to put italiano seasoning on your slice, way better than dipping sauces.

Today I:
-ate cereal
-walked to school
-went to a class for 3 hours
-helped rearrange my new office
-got the best desk in the office by lottery
-got to know an office mate better
-shocked office mate with my age (apparently I’m young)
-went to the gym
-came to the library
-need to go home now


Dinah said...

I feel like I did a lot today, but I don't want to list it because I probably didn't.

I have, however, spent this entire evening procrastination.

Dinah said...

That's procrastinatING. Apparently I'm too good for proofreading.

Tala said...

Nah, you proofread. Just too late.
Beth, sounds like you had a fun-packed day. My day would go something like this:

- ate cereal
- watched procedures
- participated in procedures
- played with mice
- redid experiment
- went home
- ate (repeat ad infinitum)