September 07, 2006

I rock at Phonology

So I started classes today, and I’m taking an advanced seminar (one with mostly PhD students, that is) but I find the topic really interesting so I think I’ll be ok. Who doesn’t want to study person restrictions? No one I want to associate with…..

But now, I am going to have to say something. Please don’t read into it, but it must be said. U of T is actually good, in fact better than (most) other schools. I’m not saying this to be proud or snotty or to say that I am better because I went there. No, that is not the reason at all. Through my 3 years of undergrad at U of T (for those of you who don’t know I went to first year at a different university) I was a little bitter about the competitiveness of the downtown campus and all the bell curving (up and down) and adjustments. They make a test way too hard then change the marks. They make a test way too easy then you ain’t lookin so hot anymore.

But, I am so freaking well prepared for my masters, I can’t even tell you. I have covered almost all of what I will be doing in Phonology this semester and a lot of other people in the class do not seem ready at all. Its ok if they don’t like Phonology (but I can’t see why not) I just feel like I’ve been given an advantage. The courses I had to take and the level I was expected to perform at has nudged me up to this MA sphere, kinda like doing first year calculus in BC when I had already done OAC calc in grade 12.

It all seems quite amazing to me, but there appears to be a little merit to the craziness that is Canada’s largest university. So, all my U of T friends, if you happen to make it to the other side you’ll either be sailing through the beginnings of your grad studies or really upset that people in general are just idiots. Not that Toronto offers a lot of development for social skills, but whatever.

Anyway, I do rock at Phonology, I always have, but this is even sweeter because now I can feel good about those sleepless nights (and hours of fighting off the space out) for a little while.


Dinah said...

Whoo! Go Beeth!

Bethany<> said...

I can always count on you for a comment, Dinah. ;)

sue said...

i am glad that your education was good! (and good for something.) i had a similar experience when i started work after undergrad; i knew about all this stuff we were building for the fibreoptic networks, and the people from the other schools knew very very little. i was impressed with my school.

sara said...

I'm not being snotty either, but I am finding this too. I've always thought that academically, U of T was up there with the Ivy Leagues. It's a hard school. The fact that my master's has been easier than fourth year undergrad thus far is a testament to that.