September 27, 2006

Shout outs

These are shouts out to my friends everywhere. (I’m typing this on a French keyboard, so forgive me if some accidental accents show up. I think they should also provide character, and the word processor started me off my underlining every word that doesn’t also happen to be French also).

Shout out to Lila who finally put a new post on her blog and realized that the comments weren’t working before. Thanks for not believing me at the time.

Shout out to Laura who doesn’t have any time to write me a proper email and instead refers me to her blog. But its actually ok because she is having the time of her life in BC, so I’m happy for her and can’t wait to hear about it all, as well as when she is actually going to visit me.

Shout out to my brother and sister-in-law who are expecting my first niece/nephew in like a week (my guess is that the kid will steal all my thunder by being born on my birthday, but that can’t really be helped).

Shout out to Dinah who’s blog I read every chance I get and who I know sometimes writes things in her posts just to let me know she remembers all the good times we had. I miss you Dinah! And about the applying for grad school thing, I know EXACTLY how you feel.

Shout out to Sue who is always open to talking to me and who is currently making things happen in her life. Right Sue?

Shout out to Rachel who is rocking it up in her 4th year, I’m sad that I have seen so little of you this year, but I’ll hold it together.

Shout out to the rest of the Living Room, its not the same here without you.

Shout out to Ben and Marike. Because they are my friends. And shout out to Nicolene too, but I’m not expecting her to check my blog anytime soon.

Shout out to Megs in Alberta.

Shout out to Roz. Hahaha, you still have 2 year of undergrad left!

Shout out to Tala, my grad school buddy (who is at a different school). And Sara too, you get a shout out.

Shout out to Danny because he doesn’t get to shout out to my window instead of ringing the doorbell anymore.

Shout out to Pyweon, I’m sure you’re going crazy over some paper by now. Shout out to Amina, also, for getting our names mixed up and always bailing on me. Tell Barbara I say hi.

Shout out to my family in Ottawa, they take good care of me.

Shout out to my family at home, I know they will send me grocery money when I have zero dollars in the bank. Also its my mom’s birthday soon, shout out to that.

I know that can’t be all the shout outs, and I know that most of the aforementioned don’t take the time to check my blog, but I try.


Dinah said...

"Thanks for not believing me at the time."

Oh, Beethany, I miss you so. So, so much.

Dinah said...

Hey! I have a French keyboard too! That's another shout-out to me.

sue said...

thanks bethany!! things will? happen, they must, they will, i don't know when, but they will.

why am i so indecisive about some things?

love you beth.

Dinah said...

I just saw a girl who had light hair and a blue coat walk by, and I almost waved and shouted, but I didn't, because I realized the chances that it would be you were very, very small. :(
So I came and told you about it. :)

Tala said...

Hey, thanks!

On a side note: this was a very good way to make sure you got tons of comments :P.

pyweon said...

yeah really! i have to prove that i read it! and i do! i usually post!....i still miss you in stephie ho.

sara said...

thank yooooou, Beth :)

Amina said...

yaaaay...i got a shoutout...and i DO NOT always bail...just a little bit...and i got over that near the end of the year...pyleon bailed on our friday things...i think you should be her to make her do stuff!!!