October 18, 2006

And the new era begins

So I’m an aunt, although I really hate the sound of ‘Aunt/Auntie Bethany/Beth’. I have to think of something better for the kid to call me when he learns how to talk. Finnan James was born yesterday at 3:20pm Atlantic Time and is a very healthy 8 pounds 3 ounces.

Momma had to have a c-section, but as far as I can decipher she’s ok. I have yet to actually talk to my brother on the phone, I’m just getting secondary messages at this point. I figure the two new parents are pretty busy and still at the hospital, so I won’t take it personally.

But hooray! My poor sister-in-law was so not enthused to be overdue, but its over. Kinda. More like it just started, but shhhhh, don’t tell her yet. Let her sleep just a little bit more.

If you want to see a picture of my nephew click on the ‘Big Brudder’ link on the sidebar.



Dinah said...

I am so excited for you and your family. The baby is absolutely adorable, and rocking the cutest hat I've ever seen.


Troy said...

How about "old hag bethany"? I think that has a nice ring to it. Haha.
Congratulations to you young auntie. It's a lot of fun, although, I'm an uncle, it's still fun.

Dinah said...

Your nephew is so cute he's making my ovaries weep. I can't stop moving back and forth on my chair. I had a bit to drink, why do you ask? when your brother says "who's my boy?" or something like that I die, I just die. The pictures are so incredible, he looks a bit like my grandpa but that's just because he's old and bald, my grandpa, not the baby! young and bald, taht's what he is. I spelled that wrong but it's too far in to go back. I usuually use backspace instead of the cursor, that's a problem but I know i idid it, i mean I do it. Mmmmm. I miss you. I guess this shoudl be an email but now I'm on a roll. Rollo- have you had that chocolate bar? haven't had it for years. I'd go buy one but im in my pyjamas. Top sum up: Your nephew is so cute, Dr. Beethany., hee, I'm going to call you taht. That. The end!
p.s. the cheat is not dead.