October 24, 2006

I miss Toronto

So very, very much. I miss my friends. I miss living downtown, wandering through Yorkville and down Yonge street. I miss using my extensive knowledge of the city core. I miss Springrolls and the incredibly addictive shanghai noodles. I miss ‘Not Just Noodles’ with their reasonably priced and excelelnt bubble tea. I miss ‘Sushi Club’ -- *tear* -- so many, many good times at Sushi Club. I miss 3 am coffee dates at the Timmy Ho-Ho’s around the corner (and desperately trying to win ANYTHING at roll up the rim). I miss convincing Annesley girls that I live there too. I missed the film festival and seeing random stars around. I miss Freedomize, finding a new church really sucks. I miss ice cream runs, and equivalently cookie-dough ice cream. I miss buying clothes on sale from Jacob Conexxion, so many clothes. I miss easily locating south by looking for the CN tower. In fact, I miss the whole exact North-South East-West grid of streets. And I really, really miss the subway, seriously, what kind of city has an entire transit system based on buses?

I don’t miss the construction, and in general I don’t miss the actual U of T. Its not a perfect city, but its my city.

Ottawa is kinda boring maybe b/c of the current friend situation. Living in a residential area is really weird for me, I have never done it before in my life. I grew up in the country, lived in Rez for 2 years then co-op housing at Bay and Bloor for 2 more. There’s nothing really to do on a weeknight, I’m just at home, hating CTV for their crappy programming this fall. Anyway....


Tala said...

Hey Beth, keep your chin up. I know exactly what you mean. I miss having friends around me all the time. You don't realize how dependent you are on their prescence until you're away I suppose.
Are there any festivals in Ottawa? Small-venue concerts (with relatively cheap tickets)?
I have it easier since I'm alone in Montreal, and not Ottawa. There are tons of bands I want to see here, and there is another movie festival coming up in a week.

Dinah said...

Beeth. I was going to send you an email but it seems to fit into here. You can email me back if you want. Or we can blog talk.

Anyway. What are you doing the 24/25 of November? no pressure.

sue said...

toronto misses you too bethany. (and me, me too)