October 27, 2006

Sweet Deal

My little cousins who live in the east end of Ottawa made a very enticing offer to me. They said if I went trick-or-treating with them this Tuesday that they would share their candy with me! What a score, and I did not ask them to include me on this venture and share the spoils, it was a spontaneous offer on their part. My elder cousin used to live in Ottawa and go with them, so I was assured that I am simply carrying on the annual tradition.

Also, the costume is optional, so I’m going to opt not to dress up. I don’t think I was ever huge on the costuming; I didn’t like putting the effort into it. Also I only like to move things hundreds of miles if I’m going to have actually a use for them throughout the year. This means I don’t have stuff laying around ready to be costume material, and I also am not crazy about spending money on it.

Maybe as a child I was way more into it, which would make sense especially in the normal sociological perspective. I remember dressing up as a fairy princess – I was super creative. Although in grade 7 (yes, I went trick-or-treating with my friends in grade 7) I went as a bunch of grapes. I tied a whole bunch of purple balloons to a purple knit sweater, it was the best costume I ever had.

Apparently the Chinese Embassy is THE place to go on Halloween here. My roommate was told by his roommate (really reliable information, you see) that they give out techno toys there. One year they allegedly gave out Discmans and other years mp3 players and digital cameras. I’m sure we’re not talking quality here, but still, free electronics is cool. So my roommate will test out this information this year and then I’ll decide whether or not I believe this urban legend.

There, a non-melty non-nostalgic post. Better?


name said...

Hi beth,

This is a fake post.

Dinah said...

Okay, so, Beeth. That was me, Dinah, and Eendy, we were trying to see if a 'other' post could be deleted. It's a long story, and it ends (well, has in the middle) Eendy running down Charles Street.

pyweon said...

well i'm jealous. i always tell my brother to save me some candy and he never does...people are saying that we should get candy this year in case kids come to the house, but i really really doubt they will and think that we would just eat all the candy anyway and tehn have to give them cous cous or something...anyway sounds like your halloween will be good! but no dressing up?? at least let the kids put face paint on you or something ; P

justmeghs said...

remember the time we were doing "service project" on halloween? raking peoples leaves and running away didn't work out quite the way we'd expected...but dressing up in garbage bags and carrying around our rakes after was quite effective for getting candy
you were good at scoring candy without dressing up as i recall...driving your little brother around town while all the other kids were walking :) i'm sure he must have shared his spoils with you for such generosity in the candy collecting scheme

Dinah said...

What's to be confused about? Hee. Just some experimentation. And top secret information concerning true identities. And, um, running. It's a long, funny story.

Leah said...

I went as a grape in GRADE 9!! I am shameless.

sue said...

oh, i went trick or treating well into high school. i forget what my costumes were though.... that was a long time ago. goodness i feel old.