October 13, 2006

The world’s academic economy runs on grad students

I like Dinah’s post about her soundtrack to life. I could do the same, but then I’d have to go through all the songs I know and remember what type of life moment it reminds me of. But I will instead make an overview of albums and how they relate to my life. I’m not trying to be mushy, work with me. Ok, I’ll do them in the order that I think of them.

Coldplay – X & Y

This album is all about India and Scotland. I bought the album (for 395 rupees) in Calcutta and listened to it also when I was in Edinburgh in the summer of 2005. When I listen to the songs they remind me of my travels. I always think of bonnie ol’ Scotland when I hear “Swallowed in the Sea” and I guess its fitting that Coldplay is from the UK (but don’t call a Scottish person English, big mistake). Sort of an intertwining (….don’t remember what I said….) travels…. India….Scotland… I love Coldplay. (That was for Dinah, and Justin, but I don’t think he knows I have a blog).

Coldplay – Parachutes

Parachutes was all about the summer I worked at camp. I listened to the album all the time. Now when I hear the song “Sparks” I remember my one camper who insisted there were sparks between me and another counselor. She was wrong, of course.

Lifehouse – No Name Face

Don’t make fun, this was in high school. I don’t really want to say any specifics of this album, but I was totally on it for the quiet, emotional ride it provides. You know when you make songs about your life, despite what they’re actually talking about? That’s what I did.

U2 – Joshua Tree, Achtung Baby!, Zooropa

These three albums are first year university and slightly before. I got them in that order as well. Its just good music for good times.

The Killers – Hot Fuss

This album is 4th year all over. “Mr. Brightside” was our song of the year (and me and Amina would scream it in a horrible out of tune fashion at Pyweon), its just music that you can play when anyone comes over and no one ever has a problem with it. I can’t say I’m as excited about Sam’s Town, but maybe I just need to get used to that album.

Newsboys – Take Me To Your Leader

What was that, like grade 6? Jr High? I love the Newsboys, I used to say they were my favourite, but now that’s mostly shifted to U2. The Newsboys are great for when you’re a kid – non-threatening music with sunshine satire blended in. Reminds me of being 12.

Radiohead – Kid A

That’s also a recent one, like last year. This is by far my favourite Radiohead album (and I do own all of them now, except Pablo Honey which I’m not crazy about). It is sometimes very quiet and cool and other times raw.

Ok, so I didn’t really write about what I said I would, but Lila told me to post more, so this is me trying to again post more.


Dinah said...

This is so awesome. I'm filing it away for future use!

I'm sorry I wasn't online before.

Intertwined! Hahahaha. You're so great.

Anonymous said...

thanks!! :D L.