October 17, 2006

I hate shopping

And shoes, I think I can finally admit that I really hate shoes. Every other girl in the world has a fetish with them, I do not. I own sandals, running shoes and only recently did I have to get black leather work shoes. This was not really out of my own volition, but out of “business casual” dominance in my summer-time workplace. That brings the total up to 3 pairs of shoes, if you’re the liberal type who considers sandals shoes.

I was going to say that I hate shopping for clothes and that I like doing it for books and CDs, but really it’s all the same. It takes forever to find what I want at a price I can afford and you have to wander aimlessly around forever to do that. I just hate it. Maybe this is why I’m decent at living thrifty…. and why I don’t really have that many clothes.

And don’t think its because I’m from the boonies, most of my friends were much more into the shopping thing there. And the shoes. Man I hate shoes. Feet should be free.


Tala said...

I just had a flashback to when we walked on Bloor and Avenue (to Second Cup, maybe), and you walked barefoot.

Dinah said...

You walked barefoot to Second cup???????? I did not know this.

I only own like, four pairs of shoes. Most of them hurt my feet.

pyweon said...

finding shoes is especially difficult when you've got huge feet...you dont wnat to get anything that accentuates the size...am i right? ps what brought on the discussion of shopping hatred? did you try to buy another pair of shoes?

Anonymous said...

congrats on the nephew! so cute :D also, so big! when r u gonna get to see him? -Lila