October 10, 2006

Put a little love in your heart

So its been a while since I actually posted. Now that I have things to do that I usually want to do the blog posting suffers, but I think that is a normal outcome of blogging for many people. So I haven’t contrived anything to sound witty today, nor have I remembered some hidden pop culture phenomenon to share with you while demanding you check it out. I will just tell you about my weekend.

So Friday way my birthday (the big 2 – 2) and it was largely uneventful. Me and my friend Laura had a road trip through Algonquin park b/c she drove me form Ottawa to my family’s cottage in Muskoka, but then she left me and went home. L And oh yeah, I got in trouble for setting off a security alarm in the department, that wasn’t fun, I felt like a huge idiot.

My mom gave a big box full of candy and toys and stuff, she’s always the best at stuff like that. I ate pizza and such with my family and on Sunday we did the Thanksgiving dinner thing, and everyone always wants to know what I eat for some reason. No, I do not eat turkey, and I don’t like stuffing. The staple of my meal is usually mashed potatoes, which I am fully satisfied with.

I got back to Ottawa yesterday only to find many emails and phone messages wishing me a happy birthday. My friends are the best. Especially since I’m one of the worst people for forgetting birthdays. Seriously.

Yes, now I’m in my office at school, class will begin soon and later I get to go fight with the financial aid office. Giving me trouble, they are. And at some point in the next few days I am for sure buying the new Killers album. I’ve only heard one song once from it, but I trust the boys won’t let me down.

Happy Tuesday everyone (and that’s Tunesday to you, Dinah).


Dinah said...

I feel AWFUL that I remembered your birthday late. I will do something to make up for it.

I'm definitely loving the Killers CD. Awesome stuff.

Fran said...

Your brother never did email you to say happy birthday, did he? I reminded him a number of times, but boys being boys, I guess he still forgot. Your niece/nephew is still waiting to arrive... I thought that it may have decided to come on your or Jon's birthdays but apparently not... PS - the next time you talk to your Uncle Paul you should tease him that when we have this baby, he'll be a GREAT UNCLE! HAHAHA!!

Bethany<> said...

Dinah, don't worry about it! You remembered, and that within 24 hours, so no making up required.

And Fran, he did email m, so all your nagging worked. Don't be too hard on him. I thought the baby might come on my birthday and steal my thunder, but I guess not. I hope baby comes soon, mostly for your sake.