October 22, 2006

BABY! I know you're asking me to stay, Say please, please, please, don't go away

I decided to transfer some pictures of Finnan from my brother's online photo account for your viewing ease.

This is a baby in a baby chair.

This is Baby-Momma and baby.

This is my favourite of my brother holding his little son.

I guess he's not even a week old yet so he doesn't have that wide eyed baby look yet. Its funny watching video of him and recognizing the complete lack of sensory-motor skills. All in time. I think at this point he looks more like my sister-in-law's side of family but baby faces change so much so we'll just have to see.

With any luck he'll be a Coldplay fan.


pyweon said...

he is VERY cute. When do you get to see him?

Dinah said...

So adorable. And of course he'll be a Coldplay fan! He'll have his Dr. Bethany to show him all about it.

Troy said...

Don't ever wish Coldplay on anyone, that's a sin, I'm sure of it!

Bethany<> said...

You're a jerk, Troy.