October 19, 2006

No Mofo Way!!!

Guess who just got mentioned on tonight’s “The Colbert Report”!!!! You’re never going to believe it…..


I am in such a shock at this moment, that Stephen Colbert spent like an entire minute talking about dinky little Owen Sound. It was in relation to his new favourite hockey team, the Saginaw Spirit who named their mascot after him. They play in the OHL and are up against Sarnia, Brampton and OWEN SOUND (the Owen Sound Attack, formerly the Playters) in their next three games.

While readily bashing Sarnia and Brampton he said about Owen Sound, “It actually seems like a nice community,” which takes me by surprise. He’s obviously not familiar with the west side.

Anyway, baby news is much more important, but this is big, this is improbability put down.


Troy said...

Oh, come on now. Owen Sound is the place of your roots. And in comparison to a lot of places it really IS a nice community. Once you get a little older, you'll realize the error of your ways. In fact, I wouldn't be surprised if you moved back there. HAHAHA, SUCKA.

Dinah said...

How does the Owen Sound?

Oh my god, I got so excited for you as I read this. EEEEEEE!

I have tears. That makes Stephen Colbert like, one degree away from you.

pyweon said...

the sound of owen is....a baby crying? congrats on aunt hood!

alison said...

DUDE!!!! I totally wrote an entire blog about the Colbert report and his take on the OHL. Because the team he cheers on (the Saginaw Spirits) is my hometown's old team (the North Bay Centennials).

So funny!!! And he shows clips of the OHL games - how friggin' hilarious is that????

Was thinking about you. Hope you're smiling in your moment bella.

Blessings bella.

melissa said...

What's wrong with the west side?? :p

It's the whole town that stinks.