July 07, 2006


Sing a song of sixpence, a pocket full of rye.
Four and twenty blackbirds, baked in a pie.
When the pie was opened, the birds began to sing.
Now, wasn't that a dainty dish to set before the king?

The king was in his
counting house, counting out his money.
The queen was in the
parlour, eating bread and honey.
The maid was in the garden, hanging out the clothes,
When down came a blackbird and pecked off her nose!


Dinah said...

OH Beeeth,
I wish we could have every night like tonight (the night where we wnet to the elephant and to toby's). But I will settle for being your friend, because you/'re so awesome and we have such a great time and I don't know how I got so lucky. because I did. And I'm remarkably sober when I'm writing this. Abd other people can see it, maybe your living room friends, because that's okay, that's alright, they know how awesome you are. You are so great and I am so glad that our Don picked Frieda and we watched it and we went to Second Cup and maybe I should email you this but I'm here right now and I'm not spilling on your computer because thats wrong. And you're awesome. And I had so much fun tonight and I'm going to go to work and think about how much fun I had and think, "That was such a great night." From when we went to the movie, no, to Tim Horton's, to when we came home, and everything in between, even when we were walking, and I'm sorry we didn't do anything more tthan nachos and drinking, but I had such a good time and that's exactly waht I wanted to do. I'm doing to go talk to you for real now. But I love your blog.

pyweon said...

i could love your blog too.....IF I'D KNOW ABOUT IT!!!!!!!!! i;ve been planning to send you an email for days, but now that i know you've been hiding from me and i had to find out from dinah's blog about yours....i may have to send a longer one. full of exclamation points. anyway, you can't keep it from me know :)
(p.s. i toyed with the idea of not signing this , but then thought you'd figure it out anyway)