July 14, 2006


Well, I feel as if I caused a small tumult with that last post. Understand that I didn’t write the whole thought, I thought I would spare you the long description and pondering. If you’re wondering more about my theory (I’m looking at you Peweyon/Anonymous) just call me! I know you know my phone number, don’t give me that face. So on a light note, this is rando-post.

Firstly, my friend Dinah (whose blog is on the sidebar cuz I don’t feel like figuring out in-post links right now) did this on her blog and now that I have an iPod and have put ALL of my music on it, I will do it too. Ok, iPod is on shuffle and…. go!

1. Hand – Jars of Clay: This is off the “If I left the Zoo” album which is probably my least favourite of their albums, but good just the same. I don’t know, no significance here. Moving on.

2. Carried Away – Sonicflood: This is the live version of a worship song, the album is awesome, really high energy, good for shuffling down the sidewalk.

3. Entertaining Angels (alternate mix) – Newsboys: Ok, I adore the Newsboys, especially their mid older stuff (everything from Going Public to Step up to the Microphone) and this song is actually from the Entertaining Angels single disc. I got this CD because it has this wicked remix of Shine, the rest of the songs I’m indifferent about in their remixed fashions. If you know Newsboys, you will know what I’m talking about.

4. Some Days are Better Than Others – U2: This is off of Zooropa and I bought it in first year, so it’s memorially connected to that. In O-week (which is what we called frosh week at TWU, O stands for ‘orientation’) our leader dudette gave everyone in our group goldfish and I named mine Zooropa. Oh yeah, and U2 is awesome.

5. M – Chantal Kreviazuk: This is my favourite song off of her Colour Moving and Still album, it’s slow and semi-emotional and she just has a great voice. I know people look down on Chantal for her recent hair colouring commercials, but I don’t hold it against her. Her voice rocks and she can’t really help it if she’s beautiful AND Canadian.

6. Made to Heal – Our Lady Peace: Hehe, that’s funny. Since Raine Maida is married to Chantal Kreviazuk. This song is from Spiritual Machines which is my favourite OLP album, its just good strong songs that must have come out of electric jam sessions. Their social commentary is interesting throughout the disc but their songs are better.

7. The Beautiful Letdown – Switchfoot: The crossovers that they are they make decent, upbeat music. However most people miss the subtle satire in their songs.

8. Planet Telex – Radiohead: From the public friendly The Bends it’s a good introduction into Radiohead. I personally prefer the weirder stuff, especially Kid A, love that album.

9. Wake Up – Alicia Keys: She’s my key to the R&B world. At least she’s a real artist who actually plays the piano and still takes lessons and practices and everything.

10. Yellow – Coldplay: Solid. Coldplay are amazing, shut up all you people who say they’re just copying Radiohead or U2 or something, because I don’t want to hear your crap. They do not sound the same, if you’ve ever actually hear the other bands. I feel you just picked that up from some stupid MTV commentary and then decided to spread it around before thinking for yourself. A lot of people are down on Coldplay for being depressing and making you want to drown slowly in the bathtub. I, however, feed off of depressing music, there’s just something about it that you just can’t get a fix for anywhere else. The video for Yellow is cool, you have to watch carefully to see all the coolness that is actually going on. And Coldplay is the best live show I’ve ever had the privilege of seeing, even better than U2.

Yes, these were chosen from shuffle, if that makes it any less self-indulgent.


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Dinah said...

That list is so you!

Right now I'm listening to "C is for Cookie", by Cookie Monster. Not as cool as "We all Live in a Capital I", But I make do. (Look at my casual use of capitals and commas...English student on vacation!"

Ooh, now it's Jann Arden.