July 06, 2006

Random things I feel I have to tell you…

Read A Tale of Two Cities for the best ending
Read Lord of the Rings for the best climax
Read Sweet Valley Twins for the much needed throwback to grade 6
Read A Hero of Lesser Causes for semi-depressing Canadian Literature
Watch Zoolander for a mindless evening of hilarity
Watch The Shawshank Redemption for the best movie ever made
Watch The Matrix for your heavy electronic music and concept film fix
Watch V for Vendetta for a mindful evening of fantasticness
Watch Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow for the worst movie ever (in a non-amusing way)
Listen to Wouldn’t it Be Nice by the Beach Boys to feel 16 and maybe groove around wherever you are a little
Listen to Fefe Dobson if you want your ears to bleed
Listen to Radiohead if you know what’s good for you
Drink bubble-tea at least once, you’ll either love it or hate it
Don’t eat the shanghai noodles from Spring Rolls, they have addictive chemicals in them
Try scotch just to say you’ve tried scotch
Eat cheese whenever possible
Read an entire book inside Chapters without ever buying it
Order a Venti latte from Starbucks then go on a nonstop car ride to somewhere far away
Look up when you’re walking down the street, feet are boring
Wear the same hoodie everyday to class (or anywhere else you can pull it off)
Eat pop-rocks
Get out the old spiro-graph and make art again, or a lite-brite is good too

Ok, enough arbitrariness. I just feel like telling you what to do, whoever you are….


alison said...
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alison said...

Yes - encourage people to watch the film that some people have dubbed as the most 'flacid bad movie' out there. :) (SCatWoT)

I picked up a director for two of our episodes today and he worked on Sweet Valley High (the tv show) for FOUR years. Crazy.

Random notes I thought you might enjoy.

Smiles my lady. Hope your moment is happy.